19 Hairstyles and What They Say about Your Personality

For many people, their hairstyles reflect their personality. Even when the style is changed up day-to-day or for special occasions, there’s still an air of them in it. You go with what you like or sometimes with what’s easiest.

But did you know that there are some personality traits that are common to people with certain hairstyles? Think about the people you know and their hair color, texture, cut, or style. Do you believe they share something?

We’ve gathered theories from several sources on what a hairstyle can say about a person, and some of these stick. You’ll find them entertaining, interesting, and maybe even insightful!

  1. Dark Black Hair

    Respectful, likes to be active and move around a lot. These folks are also strong-willed and have deep emotions.

  2. Red Hair

    Passionate firecrackers with vibrant personalities. Boredom isn’t part of their lifestyle but lots of laughter and fun is.

  3. Light Blonde

    Daydreamers, fun-loving.

  4. Gray Hair

    Mentally stable and very mature. These folks are comfortable in their own skin.

  5. Bald

    Yes, we went there. Whether intentionally bald or not, this group is confident, highly intelligent, and well-off financially. This person also has a big heart and loves love.

  6. Wild Color/Multicolored Hair

    This person is not a conformist and likes to buck tradition – and sometimes authority. Go rebels!

  7. Bone Straight Hair

    This person could be a bit of a control freak or have perfectionist tendencies. Always ready with a plan, this person is organized.

  8. Hair with a Perfect Center Part

    Loves balance and calmness. This person is also ambitious and extremely reliable.

  9. Ponytail

    If your go-to style is the ponytail, then you’re probably down-to-earth and very practical. You are also busy but low maintenance.

  10. Messy Bun or Braid

    Stylish, dreamer, and marches to the beat of your own drum. Tends to be unselfish and looks out for others.

  11. Sharp, Blunt Haircut (Bobs)

    Very direct and focused on what you want.

  12. Short/Cropped Hair

    Very confident and professionally-minded.

  13. Straight or Box-Shaped Hairline

    Are very logical and cerebral.

  14. M-Shaped Hairline/Widow’s Peak

    Very artistic, friendly, imaginative, and an unconventional thinker. Considerate of others.

  15. Naturally Curly Hair

    Curly-haired people are generous, ambitious, and reliable. They make great leaders and know how to balance reason and intuition. On the flip side, can be dramatic or rushes through things.

  16. Side Part

    Generally compassionate and patient, especially if the hair parts are loose. People who favor left-sided parts can be very analytical, intellectual, and a bit of an alpha. Right-parters can be spontaneous, creative, and emotional.

  17. Long, Flowy Locks (May be a Little Tangled)

    Spirtually-minded, carefree, whimsical. Comfortable with themselves.

  18. Long Hair – Man

    Comfortable and secure. Is into his health.

  19. Thick or Thin

    If you have thick hair, you are energetic, strong-minded, and sometimes stubborn. Thin hair? Sensitive, empathetic souls who like to preserve energy and are conscious about health.


Can you identify with any of these descriptions? Do you know anyone who fits a combination of these traits or whose go-to style is on this list?



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