It seems that every season there’s a new type of Oreo to enjoy such as peppermint bark Oreos for the holidays or Carrot Cake Oreos for the Spring, but Oreo doesn’t just create new types of cookies for seasonal events. Apparently, they now also create unique cookies for TV shows.

Game of Thrones season 8 is set to debut on HBO on April 14th, and in preparation, they’ve been launching some very unique partnerships to get their fans excited about the new episodes. For example, there’s Game of Thrones beer and Game of Thrones makeup. Yes, really. But, wait, there’s more.

Game of Thrones Oreos will be coming soon (April 8, to be exact) to a store near you. While the flavor hasn’t changed in these particular Oreos, the packaging and the designs on the cookies are all about Game of Thrones.

There are actually four different cookie designs in every package of Game of Thrones branded Oreos. Three of the cookie designs represent the sigils of the three Great Houses which are all competing for the iron throne. There’s the direwolf sigil for the House Stark Oreo, the lion for the Lannisters, and the three-headed dragon for the Targaryens. The fourth design represents the Night King.

In a video released by Oreo, the cookies look truly epic. While there are multiple ways to eat an Oreo, this video has us wanting to build with them first.

As Oreo writes about the limited edition cookies, they’re “The most epic cookies of all time.”

Once the cookies hit store shelves, you’ll be able to find them at stores that commonly sell Oreos already, like Walmart and Target. 

If you want to venture further around the globe than your local big box store, you can participate in a massive scavenger hunt for a real life Iron Throne that has been hidden…somewhere. There were actually two hidden, but one has already been found. The winners got a crown.

Or, like us, you can pass on the chance at a throne and a crown and pick up a bag (or a few) of Oreos on April 8th.

Are you excited about the new Game of Thrones Oreos? Are you going to watch Game of Thrones season 8?