If there’s one thing that we can all agree on it’s that the internet loves cats. We’ve seen a grumpy cat. We’ve seen cats that look like dinosaurs. We’ve seen cats just existing. We’re not sure exactly what it is about them, but we can’t argue that a good cat picture will go viral.

Lauren Boutz is definitely a fan of cats. In fact, she’s an active foster mom for cats for the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department. She welcomes kittens into her home to feed, love, care for…and photograph.

Recently, Boutz added a foster kitten named Blossom to her home. At just five weeks old, she certainly is a super cute kitten, but she’s not just cute; she’s amazing.

Boutz and Gary Sanchez were taking photographs of Blossom and some of her kitten friends (Bubbles and Buttercup). As we’ve said, cats are cute and kittens are even cutter, but what happened during the photo session was extra special.

Blossom smiled. Yes, that’s right. A kitten, a 5-week-old kitten at that, smiled for the camera. She actually seemed to be posing. Do you think she knows how cute she is? 

When Boutz saw Blossom smile, she had to snap a few pictures, and these pictures have, you guessed it, gone viral. It seems that an itty-bitty kitten that smiles at the camera is kind of contagious, making people everywhere who see her picture smile too.

We know that some cats can tend to have an attitude and prefer to do their own thing, so if you’re not sure what a happy cat looks like, take a look at these photos of Blossom.


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No, Blossom doesn’t always smile. She makes other more typical cat faces too, but no matter what, she is one adorable kitten…especially when she smiles.

It just seriously doesn’t get any cutter than this. We may need to look into fostering kittens, or we may just need to follow Blossom’s Instagram account.

Did you know that kittens can smile?