Couple Opted to Swap Out Traditional Flower Girls for All 4 of Their Grandmothers

Let’s face it: Planning a wedding is hard. There are so many decisions to make, plus you want to make sure you’re including all the necessary family and friends where they should be included.

This is especially hard if you have a large family and are close to everyone. How do you make sure they’re all accounted for?

One way to do that is to ditch traditions…which is just what Lyndsey and Tanner Raby decided to do for their September wedding in Benton, Tennessee.

The bride and groom really wanted a way to incorporate all four of their grandmas in their wedding, but they wanted to make it really special for them. Being so close to all four, they didn’t think it was fair to have them merely walk down the aisle or give a little wave to the guests.

Instead, Lyndsey and Tanner chose to make the grandmothers their flower girls.

Now, most people think of a flower girl and imagine a girl no older than three years old, promenading down the wedding aisle, tossing flower petals. But who says an elderly woman can’t do the same?

“I thought it was such a sweet way to involve them,” Lyndsey said. “They mean the world to us and we were so grateful to have them here with us because a lot of people don’t even get one [at their wedding].”

Lyndsey’s flower girls included her 90-year-old maternal great-grandmother, Kathleen Brown; Tanner’s 70-year-old paternal grandmother, Joyce Raby; Lyndsey’s 76-year-old paternal grandmother, Wanda Grant; and Lyndsey’s 72-year-old maternal grandmother, Betty Brown.

The women all walked down the aisle throwing flower petals, donning matching dresses. Of course, the grandmothers got to pick the dress. Just because they’re older, doesn’t mean they’re not fashionistas!

“It took us a while to find the right dress, they were divas about it,” Lyndsey explained.

The four grandmothers as flower girls were an absolute hit at the wedding, and the newlyweds just feel so grateful that they were able to have all of them attend the wedding, let alone have a vital role. They felt it was so special that all four got to attend their wedding, as that isn’t a common trend these days!

“I’m so lucky,” the 24-year-old bride gushed. “A lot of women don’t get one grandparent at their wedding and I was blessed to have all of them.”

To hear more about the four flower girl grandmas and to see more adorable photos, check out the video below.

How sweet was it to include these grandmothers as flower girls? Have you ever seen a couple do something like this before? What’s the most non-traditional thing you’ve seen at a wedding that really stuck out to you?