Ageless Grandmas Show Off Their Bikini Bodies

Aging gracefully usually involves a sweet mix of genetics, self-care, and attitude. When you meet someone whose looks seem to defy time, you might wonder what the secret is to staying so youthful.

You’ll be wanting to do a double or triple take when you see the women in this video by Inside Edition. One thing they have in common is that they embrace who they are, but don’t mind putting in a little work to stay fit. All smiles and radiance, these beautiful ladies also have another thing in common – they’re all grandmothers!

First, we meet Wendy Ida. The 63-year-old hits the gym daily and looks stunning in a two-piece swimsuit. The California native was once overweight and worked hard to drop down to 125 pounds. She’s often mistaken as her daughter’s sister when they’re out together.

Wendy was inspired to get into shape after ending an abusive relationship, and has since earned herself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing the most burpees in one minute. She’s also won multiple bodybuilding awards over the years. On top of that, she loves working with other women as a fitness trainer and life coach. Amazing!

Pretty lady Rebecca LaNasa is also killing it in a bikini at 74. She boasts enviable six-pack abs that are comparable to those of her granddaughter Jackie. Can you see the remarkable resemblance? Rebecca is also a Zumba instructor and once was crowned Ms. Florida Senior America.

You can check out the cut muscles on another grandmother, Gail McGhie, who is a 60-year-old Brooklyn-based personal trainer. She and granddaughter Payton work out together to maintain their bikini bods.

Gail has clients whose ages range from late teens up to 90, and she likes to use different systems to help others stay fit. In addition to physical activity, one of the things she emphasizes is relieving stress and tension because stress will age you quicker. Gail is also a big promoter of getting adequate rest. Sound advice!

Stay tuned to this video to see one more grandmama who’s not afraid to flaunt her fab bikini figure. With proud grandchildren by their sides, these women prove age ain’t nothing but a number. Though some of these ladies are fitness professionals, you don’t have to be a fitness expert to get in your own groove.

Studies show physical activity can keep you ageless by fighting inflammation in the body and brain. It’s also great for the heart! Our skin changes as we age, but we can take care of it with proper nutrition, rest, and water intake.

While the women in this video acknowledge their good genes play a role in their young appearance, it’s also clear that they’ve taken charge in the self-care department. That ageless, joyful glow is the result of an inner spark that can’t be found in any store-bought product. These ladies have created the keys to their own fountains of youth!

What do you think of these ageless grandmas? Do you have any in your family or are you one yourself? What’s the secret?