Going to the movies is a pastime that many families enjoy. There’s nothing like sitting in a dark theater, sharing a large bucket of popcorn, and enjoying the experience of a movie not only with your family but with the other theater goers.

There’s something special about the experience of watching a movie in a theater that a big screen TV at home will never be able to replace. It’s a shared experience. Laughter is contagious. Everyone in the audience feels the happy and sad moments together.

While we love movie theaters, we understand that sometimes there can be distractions that make the experience less than stellar. Sticky floors and that one person who forgot to turn their cell phone off are top of our list.

Another complaint that some people have, particularly during a kids movie, might be the sound of a baby crying. Recently, at an AMC theater in Chicago, during a screening of the remake of the movie “Dumbo,” several audience members thought they heard a baby crying.

According to a representation from this AMC theater,

Disruptive behavior is not permitted during a movie. An AMC manager received multiple reports from guests about an ongoing disruption. The manager offered several options, including relocating the family and offering a private show. The guest received a refund, but declined all other options offered.

The “disruptive behavior” that guests were complaining about was not actually a baby crying. In fact, it was the sound of a boy laughing.

Jennifer Daly took her two boys to see the movie. The younger boy has cervical spine issues and a rare form of dwarfism. His giggling was mistaken for a baby’s cry.

Watch the video below to hear how things went from bad to worse.

This is a story that has a happy ending. A complete stranger named Beau Box heard about Daly’s movie theater experience, and he knew he needed to do something. Box said, “I thought it was sad that Jonathan couldn’t see the movie, and I love going to the movies and I think everybody should be able to see a movie even if they have special needs.”

What he did was very generous. He actually rented out an entire movie theater so that Daly and her family could see a movie without fear of being kicked out of the theater. Not only that, he invited 40 other special needs children to attend the movie screening.

Watch the video below to hear from Daly and Box about this act of generosity.

Do you like taking your kids to the movie theater? Would you complain if you thought you heard a baby crying in a movie theater? What do you think about Beau Box’s act of kindness?