If you have ever worked in a customer facing job, you know that customers aren’t always nice and they certainly aren’t always right. Many people have encountered customers who are very demanding, and sometimes they make completely ridiculous requests.

It seems that a lot of people who work in the food service industry have seen very demanding and frustrating customers. In some cases, these customers truly believe they are right. In other cases, they are trying to scam the system in order to get a free meal.

Reddit user hicctl shared a tale of woe that he witnesses at his friend’s restaurant. In the story, a “Karen” enters with her husband. The couple sits down and is completely impatient and impossible from the very start.

The person who shared this story was in the restaurant at the time and simply observed what happened. He found it amusing and so did his friend, the owner of the restaurant.

After working an 11-hour shift, the owner was playing chess at a table with his friend, and he was letting his staff run the restaurant. The Karen and her husband entered the restaurant, sat down and looked at the table where they were playing chess, demanded menus and asked why they hadn’t been waited on yet.

“They sat down on the table next to us, and after not even a minute she rudely asked us why she has no menu yet, and to get off our lazy asses. I already wanted to tell her I do not work here, but he winked at me and walked over to their table giving them our menus.”

The owner decided to turn this situation into a little bit of fun.

“So he took their drink orders, and walked behind the bar to make their drinks right away. They had to wait maybe 3 minutes for their drinks.”

The woman complained about how long she had to wait for her drink and demanded to speak to the manager. She claimed that she eats here all the time and that she is good friends with the owner. Little did she know that her waiter was the owner.

The owner goes over to an older man, one of his staff, and the two come back to the table playing their parts. The older man pretends to be the manager and asks what’s wrong. The women proceeds to lie.

“ When we came in here, your server sat there with someone and played chess. WE waited and waited, and finally asked nicely if we could have a menu. He rolled his eyes at us and gave us the menu from his table. Then we ordered drinks, and he walked over, made our drinks and then just stood there for a good 10 minutes before he brought out beer. And when I politely asked him to bring out beer he was really rude to me. Since I know the owner, we eat here all the time, and usually the service is excellent. I demand you fire him and comp our meals.”

The owner and the older man proceeded to break into fits of laughter. The woman couldn’t understand what they thought was so funny. Then the owner explained.

“Yea I know, what til the owner hears of this, oh wait the owner already did hear of this. I AM THE OWNER, and I have never seen you in my life, nor have you ever eaten here. You 2 are just trying to scam a free meal out of me, by being impossibly difficult till the server finally snaps or does something wrong, so you can aks for a manager and lie to him about what happened. Now you pay for your beer, and then you go, and do not even think of coming back, you are banned.”

The woman put some money on the table and the owner told her to get out. They did. They certainly didn’t get away with their scam, but they did provide a bit of entertainment for the owner and his friend. It definitely helps to have a sense of humor.