The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have made us appreciate customer service workers more than ever before. Anyone who works retail knows that it’s not always easy dealing with customers (just ask this guy who had a run-in with someone refusing to wear a face mask). Not everyone is polite and understanding. Some people are just plain unreasonable.

There are many customer service employees who have shared their nightmare stories, and if you can relate to the idea of a nightmare customer service story (you might be thinking of a vivid memory right now), you probably know that it can be kind of  therapeutic to hear about other similar experiences.

If you have never worked in a customer facing job, get ready for an eye-opening experience. Here are 15 horror stories from the trenches. Some of them are amusing, and some of them sound pretty dramatic. You might have a bit more compassion for retail workers and people on the other end of that customer service phone call after you read these stories.

  1. Too Much Foam

  2. Cold Hot Chocolate

  3. No Cheese

  4. Green Lemons

  5. Hold the Ham

  6. He REALLY Didn’t Like That Beer

  7. It’s Literally in the Name

  8. Vegan Wings

  9. Brownie or Nothing

  10. “The Usual”

  11. No Milk

  12. It’s Supposed to Be Half Foam

  13. You Can Get More for Less

  14. Crispy Noodles

  15. The Chef Banned Ketchup