Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Reveals That His Entire Family Tested Positive for COVID-19

Money and fame can get some people really far in life, but that does not make them immune to getting sick. Tom Hanks was one of the first celebrities that announced he had COVID-19. Thankfully, he and his wife, Rita Wilson, made a full recovery. Then this Broadway star got COVID-19, and things just kept getting worse.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest celebrity to announce to the world that he tested positive for COVID-19. He posted a video on Instagram in which he shared the news that he, his wife and his two daughters all tested positive after socializing with close family friends.


Johnson shared that he and his family had been very strict about quarantining, and so had their family friends. In his Instagram video he shared that even still, you really don’t know if someone has COVID-19 or not.

Johnson is going to be even more vigilant about keeping his family safe. He has new rules that he is going to put in place, such as not socializing with anymore friends unless everyone gets a COVID-19 test the day before and everyone tests negative for the virus.

It has been three weeks since the Johnson family tested positive for COVID-19, and they have all since recovered. Johnson is announcing the news after the fact, and he’s also sharing tips about how to stay safe and prevent getting and spreading this novel coronavirus.

Watch the video below to find out what upset Johnson the most about testing positive for COVID-19 and to hear what steps he recommends to protect your family.


“The Rock”‘s full announcement on Instagram is over 11 minutes long. If you want more details about his family’s battle with COVID-19 and his recommendations for protecting your family, you can watch it below.

As one person said in the comments on Instagram, “Much respect for the transparency uso! If you can get it, anyone can get it! Bounce back stronger and healthier.” Truth. If he can get it, anyone can get it.

How are you protecting your family from COVID-19?