We’ll admit it; we only really watch those reality show talent competitions for one thing—the dancing. Sure, we dig some inventive magic and singing kiddos every once in a while, but we think there’s nothing better than sitting back and witnessing some awe-inspiring choreography.

Case in point: the young dance phenoms from today’s incredible video. Now, these two aren’t just some fly-by-night reality stars; these professionals absolutely crushed their audition for Ukraine’s Got Talent! In fact, their performance was so unexpected that it brought the audience, including the judges, to their feet.

The dazzling pair, 28-year-old Vladyslav Ivashkin and 24-year-old Aiusha Khadzh Khamed, call themselves Duo Flame, and for good reason—these two certainly do share a fiery passion for their art.

With that being said, we do have to say that Duo Flame’s routine didn’t fully “wow” us from the start. Of course, we thought that the two dancers moved well, but we didn’t really understand where all of the viral buzz was coming from until the 50 second mark, when some REALLY amazing stuff started to happen…

Including THIS:

Duo Flame dancing on stageUkraine's Got Talent via Hernan Mayta
That’s when we became instant believers in the power that is Duo Flame.

As the audition went on, Vladsylav and Aiusha twisted, turned, jumped, and even flipped for another 2 full minutes. Some of the moves that they made look so dangerous that we bet even the most intrepid acrobats wouldn’t dare to attempt them. These two clearly are masters!


Duo Flame’s real-life romance

It probably won’t surprise you to find out that this dancing pair is actually a couple off the stage, too. These two have so much chemistry that we couldn’t imagine it being any other way!

Aiusha and Vladyslav first became an item when they met as students at the University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine. From there, they established a professional partnership, appearing in circuses and variety shows throughout the country.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the relationship didn’t fold under the pressure of the spotlight; in fact, their experience on Ukraine’s Got Talent brought them closer together than ever before. Vladyslav, being the romantic that he is, saw their new-found fame as a prime opportunity to finally propose to the love of his life in front of an audience of millions.

That’s right, after the two progressed further in the competition, the footloose fellow got down on one knee and asked his dancing partner for her hand in marriage—all in front of an audience of millions. How sweet is that?!

In 2015, Vladyslav and Aiusha officially became husband and wife, and, perhaps not surprisingly, performed one of the most impressive wedding dances we’ve ever seen.

Duo Flame dancing at weddingDuo Flame Vlad and Aiusha
Now that you know all about this incredible pair, it’s time for you to watch the routine that made them famous. To see their jaw-dropping moves for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. Something tells us Vladyslav and Aiusha have very bright futures!

What do you think of Duo Flame’s performance? Were you surprised by the judges’ reactions? Are you a dancer? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!