While quarantine seems to be the age where everyone decided to bake bread from scratch, the timeless wine and cheese board is still very much a thing. In fact, plenty of us have probably indulged a bit on the brie and pinot noir (a classic pair) during this crazy time at home.

However, sometimes we have to admit: Getting all the ingredients for a cheese board can be a hassle (and expensive). Plus, so much of it can sometimes go to waste if you’re not careful.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the cheese masters at Cheez-It have heard our cries and answered our prayers. They’ve just come out with a limited-edition dual box of their white cheddar Cheez-Its and a box of rosé, equivalent to four bottles of wine.


Not only does this make your cheese and wine cravings simpler, but none of it goes to waste. You can have some crackers, have some wine, and package it right back up for the next day! Plus, the crackers and wine are perfectly paired up so you don’t have to go searching for what goes best.

“White Cheddar is a long-standing favorite of Cheez-It fans and what better match than light, refreshing rosé?” said Jeff Delonis, Senior Director of Marketing for Cheez-It. “Not only does it perfectly complement the cheesy goodness, it’s also the unofficial wine of summer!”

We know what you’re all thinking: Finally—something good to come from the year 2020!

The only bad news: It’ll probably sell out pretty quickly. The special box is only available on OriginalHouseWine.com beginning at 2 p.m. EST on July 23. The best part: The box is just $29.99. What a steal!

What are you waiting for? Run, don’t walk!

How amazing is this new product? Will you be grabbing your dual sex of Cheez-Its and wine today?