Woman In Her 50’s Claps Back After Being Told She’s Too Old to Be Dressing Like a Teenager

Everyone has their own sense of style, and as time goes on, what’s currently in style changes. Sometimes people look older than they really are or they look out of date because they get stuck in a fashion rut from their teenage days. People like that can sometimes look so much younger with the help of a makeover.

Influencer Lonni Pike definitely does not need a makeover. She is in her 50s and loving life. She has embraced her gray hair and doesn’t let it make her feel old. She owns her tattoos and her sense of style no matter what anyone says. As she explains on her blog, “My name is Lonni and I’m just your average middle aged woman who stopped dyeing her hair and started getting more tattoos. I’m a firm believer that just because I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s I can’t make my mark on the world.”

A lot of people love Pike’s sense of style. She only started posting on Instagram a little over a year ago (Christmas Day 2019) and already has well over 45,000 followers. Meanwhile, her first TikTok post was only in November 2020, and she already has over 386,000 followers. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with her or likes her sense of style.

On TikTok, one of her followers was bold enough to comment that Pike is “too old to dress like a teenager.” In response, Pike posted another video in which she explains that she would usually just ignore a comment like that but she thought it was important to address it because comments like that can “stop some people from dressing the way they want to.” 

Watch Pike’s response below.

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As you can see, Pike clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about the way she dresses. Her self-confidence radiates through her smile.

Many of Pike’s followers love her response and completely agree with her. One comment reads, “That’s odd because I’ve NEVER seen a label on clothes that says ‘Best if worn before 19 years old’ Maybe I’ll start checking the fine print.”

Another one of Pike’s followers explained, “I’m 50 and I’ve been told I’m too old for graphic tees and long hair. In my opinion, I’m too old to care what other people think.”

Have you ever let someone’s comment about the way you dress influence your sense of style? Do you think Pike is “too old to dress like a teenager”?