Macaulay Culkin Shows Supports for Replacing Donald Trump With an Older Version of Himself in Home Alone 2

While some people want to impeach President Donald Trump after the riot at the Capitol last week, other people are concerned more about removing him from a movie than removing him from office.

If you’ve seen the movie “Home Alone 2,” you probably remember that Trump makes a cameo in the film. The movie, which is set in New York City, is about a boy named Kevin McCallister who seems to have the worst luck when it comes to Christmas and his family’s travel plans.

In the first movie, “Home Alone,” his family accidentally leaves him at home when they are leaving for a family vacation over the holidays. In the second movie, Kevin makes it to New York without his family who is on their way to Miami, Florida.

While in New York, Kevin walks inside the New York Plaza Hotel. Trump owned the hotel at the time the movie was filmed, and when producers approached him about filming there, he agreed but with one condition. He wanted to be in the movie. The producers gave him the cameo, but they didn’t know if they were going to leave the scene in.

When the film was screened before a test audience for the first time, the audience cheered when they saw Trump on screen. That’s when producers decided that Trump would stay in the movie.

Fast forward to 2021, and not everyone is cheering for Trump anymore. In fact, some people think that he should be removed from the movie and replaced with a grown up Macaulay Culkin, the actor who played Kevin in the movie. Culkin is now 40, and it would be quite interesting to see him talk to an older version of himself in the classic Christmas film.

It seems that Culkin is on board with the idea. On Twitter, one user wrote, “petition to digitally replace trump in ‘home alone 2’ with 40-year-old macaulay culkin,” and Culkin responded “Sold.”

Another fan did an amateur edit of the scene removing Trump but not replacing him with anyone. It seems kind of odd, like Kevin is talking to a ghost. Replacing him with a present-day version of Kevin would be pretty interesting.

Do you think Trump should be edited out of Home Alone 2, or is it such a small scene from such an old movie that it doesn’t really matter? Would you want to see Culkin replace Trump?