4-Year-Old Oklahoma Twins Dress Up As Trump and Biden for Halloween 2020

These tiny tots are nowhere near old enough to cast their ballots, but they certainly have their political looks down pat.

Four-year-old Oklahoma twins, Haven and Koti Garza, have gone viral thanks to their mom’s Halloween-inspired TikTok post. In the video, the girls can be seen dressed as presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, donning miniature suits and holding campaign signs.

The twins’ mother, Adrea Garza, says she’s surprised by the attention the video has received. In less than two days, it had already logged millions of views, leading to many to wonder: Do the girls understand their costumes?

“I never imagined we’d have 2.6 million views on this,” she said. “They know they were Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and they see them on TV talking all the time, so they know they’re somebody. I don’t think they understand quite yet who they are.”

Though the girls are still very young, this costume idea has been years in the making, with Haven and Koti having been born just before the last election. Since political races are already such a big part of their lives, they’ve decided they’d like to carry on the costume idea for the 2024 election, which is music to their mother’s ears.

“I want to teach my girls to aspire to be the president of the United States one day — not to aspire to be a fairy-tale princess who doesn’t exist,” she said.

Garza says seeing people go back and forth about their political views on social platforms was another motivator for the costumes. Still, she insists they are meant to be lighthearted, and to brighten the mood during what’s been a turbulent time.

“It actually kind of ended up being, like, a ‘go vote’ message,” she said.

Haven and Koti can be seen putting their rivalry aside at the end of the video, with both girls adorably endorsing their mother’s message.