Woman Asks If She’s the Jerk For Being Disappointed By a Cheap Ring from Her Rich Fiancé

Getting engaged is something we all dream about before it happens. Where will the location be, what will the fiancé say, and, of course, what will the ring look like?

Some women put together subtle Pinterest boards to show their fiancé to get an idea of the style of engagement ring they like. Some go shopping with their fiancé to ensure the get the exact cut and clarity to their liking. In general, women are pretty vocal about this kind of thing.

That’s why one woman was disappointed when her fiancé proposed with a cheap ring. She wrote about her experience on Reddit’s Am I the A**hole forum to see whether she was the jerk for being disappointed—or was it her fiancé for not spending a little more dough?

For some background: The couple dated for six years before getting engaged. They know each other inside and out—including their financial stability. Yes, the fiancé was loaded.

“He’s RICH,” the woman wrote on Reddit. “Like owns a Rolls Royce and a mansion rich. Gucci belts and Chanel bags type rich. I didn’t know this when we initially started dating, he revealed it about 9 months into our relationship.”

That’s why it was a little upsetting when she found out her engagement ring cost a mere $140. According to online diamond retailer Ritani, the average cost of an engagement ring is $7,750, so she was pretty shocked about the super low price tag.

“He spent more on his dogs cage than my ring,” she explained.

She went on to say that her fiancé typically no problem shelling out the cash.”I’m just really jarred because he previously had no qualms with spending money with me and I never took that for granted,” she said, further explaining that he gives his mom AND sister $6k every month. “He bought his brother a house, and his friend a car. He drives a Rolls Royce. He owns a yacht,” she added.

While she explains that in no way does she feel entitled to his money and is far from a gold digger, she just wants to feel appreciated. “Considering the extent to his wealth I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in my expectations. Am I?” she asks.

The Reddit world is divided.

The majority of people think the poster is completely valid in her feelings. ”An engagement ring could be $5 and still hold meaning! But a $140 ring that he didn’t even read the reviews for is NOT meaningful. It’s disrespectful to your relationship, especially considering he’s willing to spend more on every little thing in his life that isn’t you,” someone wrote.

However, some people think she’s the jerk here. “So you loved the ring until you found out how much it cost? I think this says a lot more about you than it does him…”

You can read the comments in their entirety here!

What do you think? Is the poster the jerk for feeling upset or is it the fiancé for getting such a cheap ring?