All Across the Nation, McDonald’s Workers Are Striking for a Living Wage

Talks about increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour have been heating up over the past year. Now, McDonald’s workers are striking to demand higher wages and union protection from the chain.

The restaurant chain has been under pressure for the past couple of years due to sexual harassment claims, workers’ pay, and union rights. Crowds of fast-food workers organized a work stoppage in more than one dozen cities to protest the company’s low wages.

They chose this week since McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting was in Dallas on May 23. Joined by 2020 presidential candidates such as Julian Castro in the “Fight for 15,” workers spoke out about their need to be paid a living wage when McDonald’s execs make millions each year.

Many fast food workers can’t make ends meet, and recently, support for wage increases have led to laws being passed in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York to bump up the rate from $7.25 to $15 per hour by the year 2025.

In response to the criticism, McDonald’s said this in a statement:

“McDonald’s Corporation does not control the wages franchisees pay in their own restaurants. The average starting wage at corporate-owned restaurants exceeds $10 per hour, and we believe the average starting wage offered by those independent business owners is likely similar. Separately, McDonald’s recognizes the rights under the law of individual employees to choose to join – or choose not to join – labor organizations.”

The Fight for $15 movement began in 2012 with the Service Employees International Union to benefit workers who make low wages but are not part of a union. The issue has become a hot button one for candidates around the nation.

Was your local restaurant affected? What do you think of the McDonald’s strike? Are you on board with a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers and others?