When Baby Deer Gets Scared in the Middle of the Road, Mom Comes to the Rescue in the Best Way

There are some things on this rock we call Earth that can melt even the coldest of hearts. Things like the giggles of a newborn, graduation day, the last scene in The Notebook, and baby animals activate the onion factor in our tear ducts.

As a matter of fact, baby animals are often a recurring theme for tickling us or making us choke up with their cuteness. You know you’ve watched a video or two on YouTube! If one is attempting to do something, we cheer them on. If one is in danger, we cheer them on. And if one is sad, we wish we could cheer them up.

We’re sharing a video that will pull at your heartstrings and get you to cheering. Perhaps it will also make you think of your own mom – or Bambi. Hold that thought in mind and go grab a tissue or two in case watching this triggers an old memory.

Jessie Larson shot this footage while driving on a road in Washington state. She was on her way to work when she spotted the scared, little fawn lying down in the middle of the road. She watched as the mama deer gently coaxed her baby, helping it to stand up.

The sweet video was posted on Facebook and shared hundres of times. In it, you can hear Larson coaching both mom and baby through it. She said that she turned off her car and lights so that the two could have some peace as they worked through the moment.

It seems like they were in the middle of crossing when the fawn became frightened and just laid down. But of course, mama wasn’t going to leave her baby behind! Thank goodness Larson was a kind stranger who allowed these two to get on their way without any incident.

Watch as the mother gives a small nudge of encouragement to her little one, just as we would! Once they made it safely off the road, Larson said they watched her from some bushes. Perhaps being both cautious and grateful?

Larson also told Fox News that she does indeed speak to deer regularly as if they can hear what she’s saying. Don’t we all do that sometimes?

Like human mothers, animal moms are protective of their young and will do what they can to save them. On some occasions, they may even seek the help of humans to help them out of a jam. They teach their kiddos how to survive, hide them from danger, and pull them from tricky situations like crossing busy roads.

Luckily, this deer mom didn’t abandon her little one and ran across a patient driver. Phew! Watch the full video to see how both of these deer handled themselves. We can’t help but think how things would have turned out for Bambi if Ms. Larson didn’t stop.

Were you rooting for mom and baby in this video? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? What do you think of this deer mom?