Man Receives Points on License and Fine for Dangerous Amount of Rubbish in His Car

Some people are tidy (hello, Marie Kondo), and some people are not. While the difference can be clear when you walk into someone’s home or see their office space at work, sometimes you can tell whether someone is a neat freak (uh, we mean tidy) or not just by looking inside their car.

For some people, it always looks like their car just came from the car wash. Maybe it did. Maybe they go to a car wash every day. Not only is the outside of the car free from dirt and bird poop, the inside of the car smells amazing and has dirt-free floors.

For other people, the car may not be nearly as clean. Perhaps the car is parked outside most of the day exposing it to the elements. Perhaps the driver looks forward to going through the drive-thru everyday and often doesn’t take the time to throw away the fast food bags and containers.

Perhaps the driver has kids. Parents, you hear us on this one, right?

One taxi driver in London seems to have a hankering for fast food, and his cab shows the evidence. It also appears that he’s not keen on cleaning the fast food bags out of his car.

This cab driver was pulled over by a police officer, and when the officer saw the inside of the car, he wrote him a ticket. That’s right; he got a ticket for having a dirty car.

At first, this may seem a little silly and like a huge overreaction, but when you see the inside of the car, you might change your mind. There is so much debris in the car that there’s hardly room for the driver’s feet which could make it hard for him to actually drive the car.

The police department shared a picture of the car on Twitter saying, “This was so bad it was dangerous, rubbish under foot pedals. Points on license & fine.”

The driver was arrested but not because of the dirty car. According to the Twitter post, he “was arrested for an unconnected matter.” While we don’t know why he was arrested, perhaps the debris under the foot pedals caused some reckless driving?

Many comments on the post are poking fun at the unusual reason for a ticket, but at the same time, many people agree that this is a ridiculous amount of debris inside a car.

For example, one person wrote, “I will never criticise the state of my wife’s car again.” Another comment reads, “But not littering, so there is a silver lining to this messy cloud.”

Do you think a car this dirty deserved a ticket? Do you keep your car clean, or are you thinking right now how you should probably go clean it out?