“Neat freak”. “OCD”. “Spick-and-span“. If friends have ever used these terms to describe your outlook on tidiness, don’t worry, because you’re in good company. Yes, countless times we too have been “neat-shamed”, but we don’t let those disorganized naysayers get us down. As a matter of fact, we LIKE the fact that our floors are so clean you could eat off of them!

Just the same, there are plenty of folks out there who, while they may be nice-enough people, will never be described as “domestic gods” or “domestic goddesses.” Here are 23 examples of how these people take disarray to a whole new level. Warning: your blood pressure may go through the roof upon viewing these images.

  1. An unobstructed view of a teenager’s messy lair

    A sight that parents of high schoolers know all too well.

  2. A garage that has room for everything but the car

    Be honest: how many of you have to park your ride on the driveway because there’s not enough space in the garage?

  3. A bad paint job

    Bad nail polish application can “break” an entire look!

  4. A mountain of wrappers in the car

    They have those nifty trash bins at the gas pumps for this exact reason!

  5. A shoe store in shambles

    It’s always a bad sign when it looks like your local shoe store is going for that “apocalyptic” look.

  6. A set of lipstick-stained pearly whites

    The color is supposed to stay on the LIPS, people, not on the teeth!

  7. A container of soft butter laden with crumbs

    Fun fact: wiping off a butter knife in between swipes will secure you a ticket into Heaven.

  8. A photographer’s portrayal of every neighbor’s worst nightmare

    A surefire way to bring each and every one of your neighbors’ property values down.

  9. A fitted sheet ignored

    C’mon, everyone should know the fitted sheet fold hack by now!

  10. A Tupperware drawer or a disaster zone?

    Nope, haphazardly throwing your plastic food containers in the cupboard won’t make it any easier to find those lids.

  11. An honest illustration of what it’s like to live with roommates

    Toilet paper rolls should never be forced to perform this dangerous balancing act.

  12. A bachelor’s bathroom mirror

    Did you know that you can confirm a guy’s marital status by how much toothpaste is splattered on his bathroom mirror?

  13. A clean bed subjected to crumbs

    As Mom always said: “The bed is for sleeping, not for eating!”

  14. A dirty microwave or a crime scene?

    Honestly, there’s just no reason for this.

  15. A hair-raising sink

    If there’s one cleaning task that makes us gag, it’s this one!

  16. A poorly-loaded dishwasher

    There’s a RIGHT way to load a dishwasher and—as evidenced above—there’s a wrong way, too!

  17. A stomach-churning trash bin

    Instead of making the garbage man’s day just that much harder, why not put those trash bags to good use?

  18. A forgotten vegetable crisper drawer

    How do people NOT store food items in their designated drawers?!

  19. A kitchen counter/junk drawer

    Why do so many people store their miscellaneous stuff on the kitchen counter?

  20. A white carpet owner’s worst nightmare

    All of you soccer moms out there are surely used to this deplorable behavior.

  21. A slippery soap tray

    Just because you’ve used up most of the bar doesn’t mean it’s ok to let its remnants melt into the soap tray…

  22. A chaotic closet

    This closet floor has more clothes on it than the hangers do!

  23. A sticky honey jar

    Yep, honey jars need occasional wipe-downs, too.

Pretty scary stuff, huh?! We’d love to hear your thoughts on these household nightmares. Have you ever been accused of being “too neat?” If so, do you have any good comebacks for those naysayers? Do you have a helpful organizing method that you would like to share?