Hit The Brakes! Before Heading To The Car Wash, Read This!

What do you do when your car upholstery is in serious need of a cleaning? Do you take it to the local car wash, or do you make a trip to the car care aisle at the grocery store and buy some cleaner to do it yourself? Either way, you’re spending more than you need to, and we just wouldn’t be your friend if we let you keep doing it that way! Luckily, we have this solution from One Good Thing By Jillee that is simple, frugal and – most importantly! – effective.

You’ll Need

– 3 tablespoons grated soap (Make it yourself by rubbing simple bar soap over a cheese grater!)
– 2 tablespoons Borax
– 10 drops lavender (or your favorite scent) essential oil (optional)
– 2 cups boiling water

To make the cleaner, all you have to do is mix everything in a plastic bowl until the soap is dissolved and the mixture foams. Then, just use it as you would any store-bought car cleaner, scrubbing with a stiff scrub brush and following up with a wet rag. Easy! For before-and-after proof – as well as more helpful hints – check out the original post over on One Good Thing By Jillee. Do you have any car care tricks of your own to share?