Zoom through a work zone in Illinois and risk getting yourself a ticket. You may think you’re coasting through on luck or following along with the flow of traffic, but state troopers are gonna come for you.

Not with cameras. Not by radar monitoring. They are dressing as construction workers to go undercover. Illinois state troopers have launched a campaign as part of Work Zone Safety Week.

They want to raise awareness about driving safely through work zones, where people commonly speed and engage in other unsafe practices like texting.

This applies not only to construction zones on the road, but also those situations where officers have someone pulled over. Unfortunately, patrol cars and troopers have been hit by careless drivers.

Dubbed “Operation Hard Hat,” it is less about handing out speeding tickets and more about reiterating safety hazards and rules. State Trooper Jason Wilson stated:

“Reminding drivers of the human element that they are actually driving through. This is a work zone. Imagine if you were at your office and somebody drove through at 80 miles an hour.”

More than likely, you have seen signs posted in work zones about speed limit restrictions and related fines for violations. Know that in some regions, the workers you see on the road – be they uniformed troopers or construction workers – are paying attention to how you are driving. Follow the law and be safe!

How many times have you seen (or engaged in) work zone driving violations? Do you think this campaign is a great idea?