You Can Get These Arched Tiny Home Kits For As Little As $1,000

Have you ever dreamed about building your own home? Have you ever thought about living in a tiny house? Arched Cabins might just be the perfect solution.

Arched Cabins is a company based out of Cyprus, Texas, which is near Houston, and they ship tiny house kits nationwide. From the time you order your kit to the time you receive it only takes 4 to 6 weeks, and the price is the best part.

The least expensive cabin model is only about $1000! That price will get you the smallest cabin at just 64 square feet, but that might be the perfect size for your campsite or she shed.

Cabins come in a wide range of sizes and prices, but even the most expensive model listed on the company’s website is only $22,300. That’s much less expensive than buying a traditional house, basically making it affordable for pretty much anyone to become a home owner.

Cabins range in size from 64 square foot floor plans all the way up to 1200 square feet, but if you want an even bigger cabin, you can add a second story! There are also many upgrades available for each cabin, giving you plenty of ways to customize the cabin to your taste and needs.

Just because these are “cabins” doesn’t mean that they have to be super rustic either. Some of the interior photos look pretty fancy. 

If you like being green, you’re going to love Arched Cabins even more. The company uses energy efficient insulation and roofing made from recycled steel. The company also encourages “the use of alternative energy systems and the shape of our cabins lends itself to water collection!”

While Arched Cabins could be your full-time home, they can have many different uses. The company builds them with that in mind. 

“Arched Cabins can be used for workshops, offices, animal shelters, vacation homes, RV shelters, retirement homes, hunting lodges, student housing, tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, granny pods/man caves/she sheds, and many other things!”

What size Arched Cabin would you want to buy? What would you use it for?