Ah summertime—it’s arguably the best season of all. Not only does it mean beach days, diving in the pool, and sun galore, it also that means freshly grilled veggies on the grill at all times.

One of our favorite types of vegetables to grill? Corn! The sweet yet savory veggie is a true summer staple. There’s only one problem with it: Corn on the cob can be SUCH a pain to eat.

You know what we mean: Biting into the corn only to get small pieces of corn wedged into every crevice of your teeth? It’s the worst! In fact, that’s a huge reason many people choose to cut their kernels off the cob when eating corn. However, there’s only one problem with THAT: The corn gets everywhere! How many times have you attempted to cut corn off the cob and you can’t even keep it on your plate? The kernels spill out over the knife onto the table, making it impossible to get one good bite.

Well, low and behold, thanks to Instagram, we just learned about a much better way to cut corn off the cob. Specifically, it’s thanks to a woman named Sydney, with the handle @sydneyinsuburbia, who showed us an inventive new way to not get corn kernels all up in your grill—or plate.

“I needed this,” someone commented on the video.

“Never thought about doing it that way!” someone else wrote.

Sydney demonstrates her corn hack in a quick video that will make you think why you never thought of this brilliance before. Check out the video below for exactly what to do!

Have you ever though to cut corn on the cob like this? What’s your best hack for cutting a certain vegetable in a quick, efficient manner?