If TikTok isn’t your new source for out-of-the-box recipes and food hacks, you’re truly missing out. We’ve learned some much from TikTok, like how to easily juice a lemon, what happens when you put a flour tortilla in the toaster, and the best way to make queso.

Many of these food hacks are recreated by multiple TikTok users, but sometimes there is only one video necessary, especially when the video is posted by a brand we know and love.

Chipotle’s TikTok feed is packed with fun videos like how to give yourself a bowl haircut with a burrito bowl and what happens when you put a burrito in the air fryer, but are there are also multiple videos posted by the actual restaurant, not just adoring fans.

Chipotle’s latest TikTok is a recipe you’re going to want to make at home. It’s the recipe for their famous corn salsa. This is not a copycat recipe. You can actually watch the corn salsa being made. Yum!

@chipotleVoice over take 10 ? @abigailand_ ##chipotle ##recipe ##fyp

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While the video does not share the exact amounts to use of each ingredient, at least we finally know all of the ingredients. Don’t forget the lime juice!

One TikTok user and Chipotle fan asked, “Is this an ad or am I on chipotle tiktok.” 

Chipotle responded, “This is entertainment.”

One Chipotle fan shared a list of ingredients with the amount to use of each ingredient, and some TikTok users say these ratios are completely wrong. Chipotle did not reply to this comment, so we can not confirm if these ratios are correct or not, but it’s a start.

From TikTok user kennysandy6:

2 cups lime juice

1 cup cilantro

1 cup red onion

1/2 cup jalapeno

8 cups roasted corn

What do you usually order at Chipotle? Is corn salsa one of your favorites? Are you going to try making Chipotle’s corn salsa at home?