Sure, it’s not ideal to be cooped up at home for long periods of time. But since there isn’t anything any of us can do about our extended quarantines at home, we may as well make ourselves useful.

One of the ways many people have been spending the extra time at home is trying out all kinds of recipes. From moist banana bread to homemade pizza dough, there’s no shortage of delicious meals you can make.

But if you’re looking for the perfect lunch or dinner recipe, have we got one for you. And it comes from no other than Chrissy Teigen’s mom.

Chrissy Teigen, author of the cookbook “Cravings,” recently posted a video of her mother whipping up one of her and her kids’ favorite dishes: Pad Thai. Besides tasting amazing, Teigen says you can easily whip it up in under 10 minutes flat, plus it’s as versatile as they come.

“She can make it with ANY ingredient,” she says. “She’ll usually chop up and throw in some veggies, like onions or bell peppers, or add beef instead of chicken.”

The secret ingredient is the sauce, which isn’t as versatile. In fact, it can never change because the recipe is so perfect. “She makes a regional (Korat style) Pad Thai that has a thicker sauce and is a bit on the sweeter side,” Teigen explains.

As a family favorite, Teigen says they’re always whipping up Mom’s Pad Thai and if you choose to make the recipe, you’ll probably want to double or even triple it—it’s that good.

“We probably eat it at least twice a week for lunch or dinner (or even a snack), but it never lasts long – you might want to make a large batch to begin with!” she says. “Mom is always in the kitchen cooking, which means we are blessed with authentic Thai food on a nearly daily basis,” Teigen continues.

Man, it’s too bad we can’t close her mom and have her cook it for us! What we do have is the next best thing—a clear, step-by-step tutorial of how her mom makes her special Pad Thai.

In three and a half minutes, we’re basically drooling. The finished result looks sublime.

We’re also realizing exactly where Chrissy Teigen gets her humor, and that her mom is basically just an older version of her. The video is as entertaining as it is informative, with Chrissy chiming in at various points.

If you want to make the Pad Thai recipe, check out the video below.

How delicious (and easy!) does this Pad Thai recipe look? Do you think you’ll be making it any time soon?