‘Chin Bangs’ Are The New Summer Trend

Are you bored with your current hair? Is it time for a new summer ‘do? You might want to try to latest trend: Chin bangs!

It may have a bit of a funny name, but chin bangs are pulling into pace as the number one most popular hairstyle for the season. You may be thinking, “uhhh, bangs in the summer? Won’t they stick to my head?” But trust us—that’s just what makes chin bangs so great for the warmer time of year.

Chin bangs are when your hair is cut to frame the length of your face—they stop just below your chin, hence the name “chin bangs.” Those framed pieces are then curled and coiled to create a natural, beautiful look.

Experts say chin bangs are the perfect cut for literally anyone, no matter your hair or face shape—they look great on everyone.

“The cut frames the face so well and allows you to add character and personality no matter what length,” explains Peter Thomsen, a hairstylist and global Dyson styling ambassador and educator based in Australia. “And whether your hair is curly, smooth, or wavy, these bangs are all about shape and creating balance.”

“This trend is a safe segue into bangs if you’re feeling scared to take the plunge,” agrees and encourages Sara Briscoe, a hairstylist at Roca Verde hair studio in Brisbane, Australia. She also touts that chin bags are low maintenance and can easily be adapted for whatever look you’re going for that day. “The bangs are easy to get into a ponytail or bun if you’re not feeling the. It’s super beautiful and has a touch of Bardot.”

You might be thinking that chin bangs sound a lot like asking for layers—but it’s in fact, pretty different. “Chin bangs are typically thicker and more disconnected than layers,” Briscoe explains. “It’s designed to basically look as though you have grown out a curtain bang.”

Chin bangs are pretty easy for hairstylists to create. “After we decide to keep the bangs around chin length, I usually comb all the hair that could potentially become bangs around to try and find a natural split and part,” explains Shane Craig, a hairstylist who works in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. “With chin-length bangs for hair of any texture, I’ll add in some light tapering, which can give your hair movement.” He adds that you’ll want to ask your hairstylist for “texture and definition” if you want this look.

What do you think of chin bangs? Do you think you’d ever go for this look? If you try it out, let us know what you think!