This Cute Hairstyle Will Keep You Cool All Summer

We love summer for beach getaways, sunny picnics, and an excuse to barbecue every night, but we also dread the season for one simple reason: the heat. It’s not easy to rock medium to long hair during the summer without feeling like you’re drowning in a mess of frizzy sweat.

Obviously, there are ways to relieve yourself from the oppressive heat when it comes to hair. Namely? Your classic ponytail, braid, or bun that will get your hair off your neck and shoulders.

But while these basic updos are fantastic go-to looks, they’re also very, well, basic. Let’s face it, tossing your hair up into that same old ponytail or messy bun gets boring! They’re great for some quick relief from the heat, but sometimes you want to step things up while still keeping things cool.

This creative style from How Does She? is quite literally a twist on your regular, at-home updo. It’s essentially a fresh new take on a low bun that looks incredibly stylish and is so simple to accomplish at home in minutes.

Here are the first few steps you’ll need to take to pull off this easy, breezy look:

Step 1:

Take two pieces of hair, one on each side of your face. They should be close to your face but not included in your bangs. Twist them loosely and don’t be afraid if they get a little frizzy; this will give the entire updo a messy, effortless look.

Step 2:

Pull back the two twists to the back of your head, pinching them at the ends so that the twist stays tight.

Step 3:

Use a small hair tie (we would suggest something small or maybe even something see-through) to keep the two twists together. It will look like a basic half-updo at first.


Seems simple so far, right? It is, but the end result is ANYTHING from basic. Make sure to watch the video below or read the full article here to get the rest of the steps for this beauty DIY.

Besides how simple this style is, what we love is how versatile it is, too. This could easily be dressed up for a night on the town or a muggy day in the office, but it would also be perfect for a cute and casual day at the beach.

The blogger behind this How Does She? article has some really brilliant tips for getting this hairstyle to look the best it possibly can. We’re not going to share them here, but you need to check out her post to get her Pro Tips!

Need a bit of a visual aid? The handy video below will walk you through the process step-by-step and show you what the final ‘do should look like.