As we age, our hair naturally begins to turn white. And when that’s dispersed throughout our head of hair, it makes it look like we’re going grey.

In times past, people were ashamed of having grey hair—it was a nod to getting older. But in more recent times, people have begun to embrace their greys. No longer do people try to hide behind hair dyes and makeup—everyone from Jane Fonda to Andie Macdowell and more let themselves go grey and learn to like it.

However, one star is not about the grey trend: Cher. At 75 years old, she recently told PEOPLE that you’ll never find a stand of grey hair on her head.

“[Going grey] is fine for other girls. I’m just not doing it!” she stated.

Cher isn’t one who’s shy about changing up her looks. Though her natural hair color and style is dark and straight, she’s cut her hair in different styles, has dyed It numerous colors, and even loves a good wig sometimes. “There’s nothing wrong with my hair, but I love wigs, and always have,” she once told The Daily Mail. “They are so low maintenance. It just makes it easier to change my image.”

Because Cher is constantly having her photo taken, she’s able to see how her style has changed over the days, months and years. “I don’t think there was a moment that I stepped outside of my house where I didn’t have a picture taken of me,” she explained. “It comes in handy now. But I liked all [my looks], really. And I made some [decisions] that were ridiculous, but I don’t care.”

However, even though she’s tried out a lot, grey is just not a color Cher wants to ever get behind. Again, no hate toward the women who embrace their greys, but Cher would probably rather dye her hair pink than let her hair go grey.

Being in her mid 70s, Cher dedicates a lot of her time to skincare over hair care. In 2017, she shared a few of her favorite products with PEOPLE, which included Dr. Barbara Sturm’s eye cream and face wash, Jan Marini products and the Proactiv skincare line. However, she’s always changing it up and trying something new.

“My skincare routine is very eclectic,” she said at the time. “I don’t stick to one particular product, I just have things that I love from different people.”

What are your thoughts on embracing the grey hair as it comes?