When we’re young, girls might dye our hair blonde. Or brown. Or even purple. Back then, changing our hair color was just a fun way to change up our look.

But as we get older and those dreaded grays start to appear, we realize we have to dye our hair not just for the fun of it, but to cover up appearing so old. Society tends to associate gray hair with being old and ancient, and so no one wants to flaunt it. It’s like flaunting wrinkles—you wouldn’t want to do that right?

The frustrating thing most women find about gray hair is that society views them much differently. Most men with gray hair get referred to as a “silver fox,” aka people actually prefer this look when it’s on a guy (thanks, George Clooney). Men actually get to EMBRACE the grays. Crazy, right?

Maybe it isn’t so crazy after all. Recently, more and more women have had a change of heart when it comes to their silver strands. Not only are the ladies now flaunting their natural gray color, but some women who don’t even have gray hair yet are going so far as to get their hair dyed gray. That’s right, it’s truly a gray-hair revolution. And we love it.

Women who began to embrace their gray hair have done so for various different reasons. For Elizabeth Collins, she figured that if men could flaunt it, so could women. “I was really annoyed with the double standard for men and women when it came to gray hair,” she told Glamour. “My dad, whom I inherited my premature gray hair from, had never felt the pressure to color his hair. Yet it was expected of me.”

Liz Kamarul says watching others go gray helped her have the confidence to do the same. “It just so happened at the time that silver hair was very popular and everyone was coloring their hair intentionally that way. I thought, Well, I have this naturally, so I might as well go for it,” she said.

For Nicole Andrus, covering up her grays was hurting her wallet. “Coloring my roots every three weeks was getting expensive,” she said.

Even female celebrities have begun to embrace their gray hair, namely Jessica Biel, Chrissy Teigen, and Katie Holmes. All beautiful well-known women, and all beautifully gray.

On top of it all, one woman named Martha Truslow Smith decided to begin an Instagram account to help support women who wanted to embrace their gray hair. It’s called grombre and it features real women with real roots. And it’s real awesome.

If these women aren’t enough inspiration to start embracing your own gray hair, don’t worry we have lots more. Check out the video below for more women who can’t get enough of their own gray locks:

What do you think of women keeping their gray hair? Would you ever embrace your gray hair like these ladies? How do you think they look? We think these women look absolutely beautiful!