Prevent Your Hair from Turning Gray by Eating These 7 Foods

Is anyone ever really ready to find a gray hair? No matter what age you start graying, finding that first, then second, then twenty-second silver hair might make you feel like going on a plucking spree. And no one can stop you!

Besides genetics, there are other factors that cause gray strands to appear. Nutrition plays a role, as does stress and tobacco use. For people who are not yet ready to embrace their new white locks, you can always color it or fight back.

How? Not by pulling them out like weeds. Through food! Eating the right foods to correct nutritional deficiencies can battle the gray, feeding your hair from the inside. Check out these foods below to learn what they can do for your silvery hair, and get ready to chart your next grocery list.

  1. Salmon

    Salmon contains omega-3 fats and selenium, both of which are needed for healthy hair. Selenium is also involved in regulating hormones which aid in fighting aging and premature gray.

  2. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms contain a good amount of copper, which is a vital nutrient that helps in pigment production. Eat more mushrooms for selenium and vitamin D, both shown to fight the effects of aging.

    Reishi and shiitake mushrooms are commonly used to “reverse” and fight premature gray, and they’re both known to help with hair loss, too!

  3. Chicken

    Rich in protein and vitamin B-12, chicken can nourish your strands and keep them their original color. In some studies, B-12 has been shown to stop graying in its tracks. Get your vitamins and minerals in with chicken, eggs, and other poultry.

  4. Lentils

    These tiny powerhouses are packed with vitamins B-12, B-9 and protein to help you sustain your natural hair color. Lentils come in a variety of shades and flavors, so mix it up with red, yellow, or black if brown lentils aren’t speaking to you. Add at least one cup of cooked lentils to your meal to see the benefits!

  5. Nuts

    Walnuts and almonds contain omega fats necessary for hair health, but they are also your BFF for copper stores. You need copper in your life for melanin production in your hair.

  6. Liver

    You may not like it, but beef liver contains lots of hair-preserving nutrients like iron, B-12, and copper. Level up your blood and hair pigment with liver!

  7. Greens

    Greens of any type: dark leafy, spirulina, or green veggies like broccoli are wonderful sources of gray-stomping nutrition. Get copper, vitamins C, B-12, B-9, and more to strengthen your blood, increase circulation to your starving scalp, and prevent gray!

You can also find luck with chickpeas, oysters, and seafood to preserve your hair’s natural color. Nothing’s wrong with going gray, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping your hair in its youthful state a little longer either. By working foods like these into your diet, you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

Have you been successful at staving off the gray? What are your best food-related secrets? Do you struggle with nutritional deficiencies?