We all love cake. The spongy center, the sweet frosting…is there any better dessert to celebrate any occasion with?

Well, maybe a cake that looks like a toaster. Or a roll of toilet paper. Or any realistic everyday object at all.

We’re talking about the work of one Turkish pastry chef named Tuba Geckil, who has mastered the craft of turning literally anything in the world into a cake. In fact her cakes are so realistic that you don’t even know they’re cakes because they look so much like the object they’re mimicking!

Don’t believe us? Just check out her Instagram page, where she displays her work in photos on the daily.

Geckil has made just about everything into a cake—a pizza? Sure, that can be a cake. A vase? Yes, let’s create a delicacy out of that. Oh, she’s even created a President Donald Trump cake for a Turkish chocolate festival a few years back, which looked just like him, right down to his navy jacket and red striped tie.

Some of her choices are a bit questionable—like, why make a cake that looks like raw chicken breasts? Because she can, clearly! Sure, it’s not the most appetizing looking cake in the world, but it sure is art.

After her cakes went viral, people from all over have turned to social media to talk about how mesmerized they are by the art—especially during the time of COVID-19 when nothing surprises people anymore.

“Y’all at this point everything is a cake so like does this mean we are cakes?” someone joked in response to Geckil’s cakes.

Good question, sir, good question.

In general, the responses to the cakes include being completely mesmerized. But we have to admit—the only thing even better than looking at these cakes? Is watching them be cut in half.

Trust us—It’s super satisfying to watch. To check out some of Geckil’s creations of cakes made of various objects (and watch them be cut in half), check out the video below.

Wow! Literally everything has the potential to be a cake. What do you think of these amazing cake creations? Do you think you could ever bake a cake that looks like something completely different? What kind of object would you want to see Geckil create a cake out of next?