Baker Shares Grandmother’s Beautiful Recipe for the Best Carrot Cake from Scratch

When it’s time to celebrate, we often think of food, and more specifically, we often think of cake. For birthday parties, cake is essential, but that’s not the only time we indulge. Pretty much every holiday, and sometimes even on a normal day that we want to feel special, we treat our family (and ourselves) to cake.

While you can certainly buy a cake from a bakery or even your local grocery store, it’s really not that hard to make a cake from scratch. We don’t have anything against box mix cakes, and we use them from time to time, but there’s something special about a cake made from scratch.

You might think that a carrot cake would be particularly difficult to make and include a lot of complicated ingredients. Some recipes do call for things like pineapple, nuts and spices you may not have on hand, but it turns out that those ingredients aren’t necessary. Really, you just need a few basic pantry staples, and carrots, of course.

Monique from Divas Can Cook learned how to make a delicious, moist carrot cake from her grandma Barb. Just like many recipes that are passed down through the generations, Barb’s recipe has a few special touches that make it unique. For starters, the carrots are shredded in three different textures.

Watch the video below to learn how to whip up grandma Barb’s carrot cake recipe yourself. 

Viewers are raving about this carrot cake recipe. One person even warns that it’s simply too delicious.


Your family will want you to make it all the time. Girl, I made this cake for my husband’s birthday and wow!!!! BEST CARROT CAKE EVER. I made just as written. Perfect. Oh you don’t need to buy buttermilk. To make buttermilk simply take 1 cup of Milk minus 1 tablespoon and replace it with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar = Buttermilk.  Thanks so much. This is now my go to carrot cake and the cream cheese frosting is terrific, not too sweet and not too sour. EXCELLENT. Did I say I liked this carrot cake……..mmmmm”

Now, you might be thinking that your family wouldn’t like a carrot cake because of all those carrots. One viewer felt that way but decided to give this recipe a try anyway. Boy was she surprised!

I initially didn’t want to make this cake because carrot cake generally sounds, well…meh and boring (emphasis on “CARROT”). But I gave this a shot to have some variety in my life instead of the good old fool proof chocolate cake that even if its slightly burnt will still pass the taste test. So i went ahead and made the cake and now let me say this…everyone loved it! Even people who were never a fan of carrot cake, were amazed! It turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing your recipe.”

If you would like to try this recipe, you can find a list of ingredients and full instructions here. Are you going to try making grandma Barb’s carrot cake recipe?