Your Toaster Is Dirty. Here’s How to Clean It!

There are parts of your home that you can see when they’re dirty (your floors and counters, for instances) and there are other, sneakier parts of your home that are more difficult to tell. For example, your toaster. Whether you have a traditional pop-up toaster or a toaster oven, it’s safe to say you may not have cleaned it in a while. It’s also safe to say this it IS dirty as we speak. Sorry, just telling it like it is. To get your toaster as clean as the rest of your home, watch the video below from Clean My Space and learn the technique for both traditional toasters and toaster ovens.


– Cleaning toothbrush
– Nail polish remover
– Cream of tartar
– Sponge
– Cloth

To avoid smell, smoking, and home fires when using your toaster, clean it briefly once every few weeks and very thoroughly once a month.

Always do this with the toaster unplugged and cool. Take out the crumb tray, dump the crumbs and wipe the tray down. Dampen your cleaning toothbrush and scrub the inside coils of your toaster, but with no soap. Clean the exterior with your sponge and soapy water, and use cream of tartar for stainless steel toasters to make it shine.


You will need all of the same tools needed for a regular toaster to clean your toaster oven!

Remove the racks to begin. Make a mixture of cream of tartar and water to apply on the rack and tray. Let those soak in the sink. Add the paste to the sponge and apply to the interior and exterior of the toaster. Use a damp cloth to wash the paste away and buff clean.

Simple, right? Don’t let your toasters go on getting grimy, get them spotlessly clean today! Do you have any toaster cleaning hacks? Share them in the comments section below.