Sing with us now: There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting…and charcuterie wreaths on your table at homeee.

First it was the charcuterie gingerbread house, where people made literal chalets from cheese and accouterments. Then, for the person with a sweet tooth, the hot chocolate charcuterie board came, made with all the foods to up the ante on a hot chocolate. And now, we have the holy grail of merry cheese boards: The charcuterie wreath.

The charcuterie wreath, or simply “charcutewreath” for short, as it’s trending on social media, is truly one of the most beautiful inventions we’ve ever seen—the merry of all merriments. We’re pretty sure we will never make a standard cheese and charcuterie board again for the holidays. Just take a look at one of them below!


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As you can see, to make a charcuterie wreath, you can use all of the regular pieces you’d use for a conventional cheese board, but make it in the shape of a gorgeous wreath. Salami pinwheels look like flowers, plus the colors of grapes, pomegranates, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more all mesh together into a gorgeous piece of décor—we mean appetizer.

The best part of a charcuterie wreath is that you can really get creative with it. There aren’t any rules! Just head to your local grocery store and search for all things you think would make a great wreath. Hint: Rosemary makes great fake leaves.

Then, just arrange everything in a circular wreath shape on your cheese platter. If you don’t have a circular board, a regular plate will do!

Check out some of these charcuterie wreaths below as inspiration and make your own this holiday season (we promise, it’s easier than it looks!).


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Can you even deal with how gorgeous these are? Will you try making a charcuterie wreath this holiday season? What’s your favorite way to arrange a cheese and charcuterie board? We’d love to see pictures of yours!