One of the hardest parts about traveling for pet owners is leaving their pets behind. First, you have to find someone to pet-sit. Then, you have to hope your pets doesn’t miss you too much (and that you don’t miss them too much).

Of course, sometimes it’s possible to bring your pet with you. As long as they’re probably crated, you can bring your cat or dog along with you on an airplane or in a car.

What’s usually true is that the pet owner makes the decision about whether or not the pets are staying home or coming along for the ride. Apparently, this isn’t always true. One cat named Candy decided that she was going to go with her owners on their flight to New York, only they didn’t know it.

Nick and Voirrey Coole planned a trip to New York to celebrate Nick’s 40th birthday. They planned to leave their cat, Candy, at home. Candy doesn’t always like it when her owners leave without her, and she has been known to hide in tight spaces; however, the couple never imagined that she would try to stow away inside their luggage.

Cut to the Isle of Man airport where the happy couple was going through airport security. They didn’t understand why the security workers were giving them such strange looks when their carryon bag went through the scanner. 

The couple was pulled aside and questioned about their luggage. They were asked if they knew what was inside it. They were really baffled. At one point, Voirrey actually asked, “It’s not a cat is it?” She really didn’t think she was right.

Eventually, airport security realized that the cat stowed away by accident and that the whole situation was a big mistake. They laughed and helped the couple hand off their cat to Voirrey’s dad, Barry, who was going to cat-sit for them while they were out of town. Thankfully, the couple was still able to catch their flight. 

Nick shared the ordeal on Facebook, and his post has since gone viral with more than 8.1k reactions, 4.2k comments and 3.3k shares.

What’s most surprising to us is that the couple seriously never suspected that their cat was in one of their suitcases. They didn’t even hear her make any sounds. That’s one quiet, sneaky cat!

If you have pets, do you take them with you when you travel? What’s the weirded place your pet has hidden? Does it surprise you that Candy the cat was successful in hiding in a suitcase all the way to the airport?