Chances are, if you have kids, they’re home with you right now as you stay in quarantine in your home during the coronavirus outbreak. Schools are out for an undetermined period of time and you’re having to juggle working from home while also attempting to keep them entertained. It can feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. How will you ever do it?

Don’t worry, once you bake all the cookies and complete all the puzzles, there are still lots of things you can do to keep your kids entertained—activities that you can make yourself and won’t cost you a fortune. These 10 ideas are simple, easy, and should help get you started and (hopefully) occupy your little ones for hours on end.

  1. Make a roadway for toy cars

    Kid into cars? All you need is some colored tape and you’ve got a roadway for all the cars to travel on. To make it even more fun, designate certain areas that are “home,” “school,” “work,” and so on. This can even be a good way to teach them about what’s going on, pending their age is appropriate (e.g., designating a hospital as one of the destinations on the “road”).

  2. Create a fun driveway game

    The weather should be getting warmer, and it’s important that the kids get some fresh air. If you have a couple of sponges and chalk, you have a fun game the kids can play with outside. From hopscotch to bean bag toss and more, now’s the time to get creative!

  3.  Make “stomp paintings”

    Bubble wrap. Paper. Paint. You’re welcome.

  4. Create a throwing tarp

    This DIY throwing tarp can be made with just some rope, scissors, a marker, and some tape. Make up “points” the kid gets if they can throw a ball through each hole, and voila: You’ve got a game that can entertain for hours.

  5. Camp out indoors

    Outdoor campouts require a lot of prep work, but doing it inside saves you time, money and oh yeah, sanity!

  6. Make a balloon ping-pong game

    Have two little ones at home? It would be nice to have a ping pong table right about now, huh? Good thing you can make one with paper plates, popsicle sticks, and a balloon. Just attach the sticks to the paper plates, which would be the paddles, and blow up a balloon for the kids. They’ll bump that thing to each other back and forth for hours (or until it pops…just have some reservations on hand!).

  7. Make a marble track race

    Some marbles and a pool noodle…that’s all you need for this one. Just make sure it’s an old noodle you don’t want anymore because you’ll need to chop it in half. The marble slits will already be there. Easy, simple, and fun!

  8. Play “Popcorn Olympics”

    Sure, food isn’t always for playing—unless you’re in quarantine and need to get creative. Make some popcorn, hand the kids straws, and tell them they have to get the popcorn across the living room first to win. It might get competitive, but they’ll love it.

  9. Paper towel basketball

    You can’t head to the basketball hoops during a pandemic, but you can still let your little one work on their dunking skills. All you need are some pom poms and a paper towel roll holder. See photo for details.

What kinds of things are you doing to keep your kids entertained while we’re all at home?