People Share Photos That Showcase the Creative Realities of Working From Home

The coronavirus outbreak has certainly wreaked havoc among all 50 states in America, plus hundreds of other countries. In most places, businesses have been forced to close their doors until the spread of the virus settles and we flatted the curve.

While that, unfortunately, leaves many people out a job, it also leaves some of the more lucky ones working from their home office—er, or should we say, their dining rooms, couches, or makeshift desks.

While some people are used to working from home, this may be the first time others are trying it on for size—and they may not quite know what they’re doing. We do have to give points for creativity, however!

It started when one woman posed her chair-in-front-of-a-clothes-hamper situation. She was literally sitting in front of a clothes hamper with her laptop perched on it. This prompted tons of other people to relate and share their own solutions to the no-actual-office issue.

As long as the job gets done, no boss can complain about these creative ways people have transformed their home into their workspace for the time people. We hope these give you a laugh during these dark times!

  1. A pickup truck

    Let’s just hope no one hops into the driver seat and hits the gas.

  2. A recycling bin

    Truly an environmentally-friendly solution.

  3. A portable kitchen island

    The bottle of wine under the laptop is a nice touch.

  4. A laundry basket

    Chores and work. Definitely a fun way to quarantine. Not.

  5. Toilet paper

    So THAT’S why so many people are hoarding this stuff.

  6. Your dog

    He doesn’t seem to mind.

  7. An ironing board

    This is especially useful as a DIY standing desk.

  8. Your dresser

    This certainly makes it easy to pull on some business-savvy clothing for those spur-of-the-moment conference calls.

  9. A nightstand

    Just call it a mini desk!

What kinds of weird ways have you transformed something into your home into your desk for the time being?