With the coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout the United States, more and more of us are adopting habits of socially isolating ourselves for the time being so we can slow the spread of the virus. People are working from home—even teachers, as many schools have closed their doors temporarily.

Additionally, many “non-essential businesses” have been forced to shut down—and that includes gyms. For the people who thrive off of their daily workout routine, this might throw a wrench in their fitness plans.

While it’s possible to workout at home, it’s not always people’s first choice. Some say that it doesn’t feel the same as getting to use gym equipment—anything from heavy weights you might not have in your home, to ellipticals, exercise bikes and treadmills. And with such a financial crises going on, no one wants to purchase that type of equipment either.

So what’s someone longing to get their fitness on in a time like this to do?

Meet Twitter user @akkitwts, who created his very own “treadmill” in the comfort of his home. No, he didn’t need a hammer and nails, or even much equipment at all. The secret ingredients for his at-home treadmill creation? Dish soap.

Yes, that’s it. And no, we’re not kidding.

The man filmed himself “building” his treadmill using dish soap and the result is honestly pretty genius. Sure, it may not equate to a real treadmill, but it works pretty much the exact same way—and you don’t need to leave your house to do it (plus, your feet might be extra clean—and that can’t hurt at a time like this!).

To see how the man created a treadmill in his home using just soap, check out the video below.

What do you think of this man’s creation? Do you think it’s something you might try while you’re stuck at home?