Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Attempts To Crash the Party In Wedding Day Chaos

After years of dating, Britney Spears and long time beaux Sam Asghari finally tied the knot. The wedding took place in a tent set up outside Spears’ home in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the couple kept the guest list small, only inviting close friends and family. Not surprisingly, Spears’ parents and sister were absent from the guest list; however, the guest list was full of star power including Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Many weddings have drama, but the drama depends on the wedding. It could be a bridezilla making outrageous demands leading up to the big day. It could be a drunken and inappropriate speech given by a best man. It could be a wedding crasher.

In Spears’ case, her first husband, Jason Alexander, attempted to crash her wedding. The pair tied the knot back in 2004 in a spur of the moment ceremony in Las Vegas. They split up just 55 hours later, getting the wedding annulled.

Alexander previously told TMZ that he and Spears had been in contact. He was an active supporter of the #FreeBritney movement. However, that doesn’t make it okay to crash her wedding.

Alexander had his phone’s video camera on as he walked towards Spears’ home. He encountered security and eventually managed to make it inside her house. He even made it inside the tent where the wedding would later take place. He repeatedly asked, “Where’s Britney?” He claimed the pop star invited him to the wedding. He also claimed he was there to crash the wedding.

Watch the video below to learn more about this wedding drama and to see parts of the video Alexander recorded while trying to crash Spears’ wedding.

Does it surprise you that Alexander was able to make it past security and actually get inside Spears’ house? What’s the most dramatic thing that you have ever seen happen at a wedding? What would you do if an ex crashed your wedding?