Drew Barrymore Gets Emotional Talking About What It’s Like Dating As A Single Mom

Drew Barrymore has been single for 6 years. She was married to her last husband, Will Kopelman, from 2012 to 2016. Kopelman is not only Barrymore’s ex. He’s also the father to her two daughters, Olive and Frankie. 

Since their divorce, Kopelman has moved on. He married Alexandra Michler, and Barrymore seems to think Michler is doing a great job as a step-mom to her daughters. On CBS This Morning, Barrymore explained, “My kids’ dad is happily remarried with the most wonderful woman in the world. My children have this extraordinary stepmom.”

Then Barrymore got real about how her experience post-divorce has been very different than Kopelman’s. She explained, “Our processes have been different. And their side of the street is so functional and whole and happening. And I think I’ve been on the sidelines in a beautiful, honoring purgatory.”

Barrymore was referring to the fact that she has not remarried or been in a romantic relationship since the divorce. She explained that she didn’t even go on a date for four years. Then, about two years ago she decided to try to date again, but it was never more than a date here and there. The fact that the pandemic started almost two years ago didn’t make dating any easier.

In an episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Barrymore sat down with Bobby Berk from “Queer Eye” to talk about dating dos and don’ts. For example, they discussed Zoom dating and which room of the house would be the most appropriate for a Zoom date.

During the episode, Barrymore made a confession that seemed to even surprise her. She broke down as she admitted to herself and the world, “I don’t know how to date with kids.” She explained that she doesn’t want to introduce men she’s dating to her two daughters, and she’s not sure how to move forward with dating because she’s worried about how it will impact her girls.

Burk told Barrymore that admitting to yourself that you’re not sure how to do something “is the first step in figuring out how to do it.” He also reassured her that the fact that she is considering how her kids will feel if she’s dating someone “means you’re a good mom.”

Watch a clip from Barrymore’s show and from her discussion about dating on CBS This Morning in the video below.

Do you think it’s more challenging to date with kids? Do you think Barrymore will ever change her mind and remarry if she meets the right man?