Boyfriend Gets Caught Cheating Because of Name Written on Starbucks Coffee Cup

Relationships are great until someone is dishonest and starts lying, which often happens when a significant other decides to stray and cheat on his partner.

It would be nice if men had the respect to simply cut off the old relationship before moving on, but sometimes they think they can hide their other relationship and keep both going at the same time.

Now, women are coming forward on TikTok to tell the tales of the most bizarre ways they found out an ex was cheating on them. It all started when TikTok user Mandi Kay Bowles shared her breakup story and asked others to share theirs.

Many people responded to Bowles both in the comments and in videos of their own sharing bizarre ways that they found out an ex wasn’t being faithful. In a now viral video, TikTok user Danielle Brown shared that she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her because of a cup he brought back from Starbucks.

Brown thought it was strange that her ex would go to Starbucks without telling her and without asking her if she wanted anything. When he returned without any coffee for her, she decided to take a sip of his. She had no idea that this sip would end their relationship.

When she picked up the coffee cup, she saw the name that was written on the cup. It wasn’t her boyfriend’s name. It was the name of another girl, his ex-girlfriend. Brown realized her now ex had met up with his ex at Starbucks without telling her, and he was so clueless that he brought the cup home even though it had another girl’s name written on it.

Watch Brown’s TikTok below to hear her tell the story and to find out what happened when she confronted her boyfriend.

@daniell3brownIt only took 100 times for me to leave🤡 ##neveragain##fyp##foryou##storytime##cheater##clown♬ original sound – Mandi Kay Bowles

In the comments, many of Brown’s followers expressed their amazement that her ex tried to cover up the story. One person wrote, “Hahaha why even risk bringing the drink home.”

Another comment reads, “Why can’t boys admit they did you wrong? They make such an effort making up a story denying it lmao.”

What’s the craziest way you’ve ever found out that an ex was cheating on you? Have you ever had a significant other come up with a ridiculous excuse like Brown’s ex did?