What gives someone who’s cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend away? Is it a pair of underwear left in the glove compartment of their car? A sketchy text message you happened to see them send over their shoulder?

Or…is it when they try to act casual but you can see right through them? Like, literally see right through them…through their sunglasses.

One woman named Sydney Kinsch. created a TikTok video that explained how she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her after he accidentally took a selfie that gave it away. And yes, it was through the accessory he was wearing on his face.

“That one time my boyfriend of four years snapchatted me him cheating on me,” reads the description of the clip she shared.

In the video, Sydney explained and shared the photo that her (now ex) boyfriend sent her, which contains her boyfriend wearing sunglasses. However, he didn’t realize the sunglasses showed the reflection of a lady caller sitting right next to him in the car.

No, the lady was not his sister, nor was it his cousin. The lady was not any relative at all, though he did try to tell Sydney that it was their friend’s girlfriend.

However, that lie didn’t go over so well after she found out that he was in fact cheating on her with not one, not two, but five different women, all within the same month.

Sydney caption the video, “check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies.”


The video got a lot of love for Sydney—more than 200,000 likes—and a lot of hate for the cheater.

Many people had a similar reaction, with one of the main ones being that cheaters always get caught one way or another! “Everything always comes out one way or another,” one person wrote.

Other people were shocked at how he wouldn’t realize how clear the woman was in the photo he was sending his girlfriend. “It’s blowing my mind that he didn’t notice,” someone else wrote.

“Don’t know why he’s got the sunnies on, he’s not that bright,” another person wrote (which is basically what everyone is thinking!).

Check out the video Sydney made below, which contains the photo her ex-boyfriend sent her.

Oops…bet he regretted that selfie! What do you think?

What’s the weirdest you ever caught someone cheating on you or someone else? Have you ever seen someone get caught by an action they themselves took? What would you tell Sydney if you could give her one piece of advice?