When you order something from Amazon, there’s a box where you can fill in extra delivery instructions. This could be useful if you need the box left in a certain location at your home or if people sometimes have trouble finding your home.

Lynn Deborah Staffieri lives in Delaware with her family, and like many of us, she ordered something from Amazon. She did not fill in that box that asked if there are any extra delivery instructions, but someone else in her family did without her knowing it.

It was an ordinary day in June, and the Amazon delivery driver pulled up to Staffieri’s house. The essential worker carried a large package to the front door, set it down and then did something a little strange.

First, the driver knocked on the door exactly three times. That doesn’t sound very odd, but it is pretty specific. Then, the driver yelled “Abra Cadabra” and ran back to her delivery van as fast as she could.

Thankfully, this family has a Nest camera, or this incident wouldn’t have been captured on video. When Staffieri watched the playback of the delivery video, she wondered what was going on. Then her son told her he had written something in additional delivery instructions box.

Staffieri was so impressed that this delivery driver not only looked at but actually followed the unusual instructions that she posted the video on Facebook along with a screenshot of the additional delivery instructions her son had written. The driver followed them perfectly. See what all the fuss is about in the video below.

In her post, Staffieri apologized for the fact that her youngest son wrote in the unusual instructions, but she really appreciated the delivery driver playing along. 

“It made us smile even though my son should not have done that so I apologize for that. I do appreciate that the driver looked closely enough at the instructions though because I know a lot of people wouldn’t.”

This video has been shared 27,000 times, and many viewers have also left very positive comments. Here are some examples:

“Loving this delivery woman! Not every delivery person reads nor responds to delivery requests. Best delivery person ever!”

“That young lady deserves an award for doing exactly what that little turd put on the box.”

“What an awesome driver !!!!!!!!”

Have you ever left additional delivery instructions for an Amazon delivery?