Is your liquor cabinet running low? We’re told that we should only leave home for essential reasons like a job at an essential company or do to to the grocery store or pharmacy. It’s hard to validate liquor actually being essential, but, it’s not unessential, right?

We have good news. You don’t actually have to leave your home to stock up on wine, beer or liquor. You can have it delivered. There are several delivery services that offer subscription plans, but there are other services that offer one-off deliveries; some don’t even charge a delivery fee. Cheers to that!

Whether you need a drink after a long day of helping your kids with their school work or you want to do an at-home wine tasting with your significant other, these delivery services have you covered. 

Scroll down to see our top 9 picks for at home alcohol delivery.

  1. Saucey

    Want wine, beer and liquor without any commitment? Saucey has you covered. You can get your order in as little as 30 minutes. There’s no commitment, no minimum, and no delivery fee!

  2. VineBox

    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.21.00 AMVineBox

    Want an at-home wine tasting experience? VineBox is the answer. Try wines from all over the world by the glass! Cheers to trying something new without committing to a whole bottle!

  3. Blue Apron


    Enjoy wine bottles perfectly sized for two! This is perfect for a date night in. Enjoy wine from renowned winemakers delivered monthly, but there’s no commitment. You can skip a delivery or easily cancel at any time.

  4. Drizly

    Get wine, beer and all of your favorite alcohol delivered with no subscription and no commitment. Orders are one-off. There is a $20 order minimum and $5 delivery fee, but that’s a small price to pay for convenience.

  5. Total Wine & More

    Choose your favorite bottles of wine, and have them delivered to your door. As the name says, there is much more to Total Wine & More than just wine. You can order beer, liquor and even food and bottled water.

  6. Minibar

    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.41.25 AM

    Get wine, beer and liquor delivered to your door with just a few taps on the mobile app.

  7. Tasting Room

    You choose how often and what day your wine gets delivered. You also choose how many bottles you want and whether you want red, white or both. First, you’ll receive mini bottles of wine to try, give your feedback, and the pros at Tasting Room will deliver wine you’re sure to enjoy.

  8. Firstleaf

    The first shipment is only $15 for 3 bottles of wine. Need we say more? After that, you only pay $79 for 6 bottles of wine.


    When you join the Steward Club for $49 a year, you get free shipping to any address all year long. Choose wine, beer and alcohol. There’s no minimum order size either! We love the gift set ideas like the Margarita Cocktail Gift Set because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.