When we think of tough careers, our minds immediately go towards police officers or doctors, jobs that work long hours and deal with death, crime, and more. But when we think of tough careers around the holidays, no doubt about it, delivery people win.

There is an insane number of packages that get delivered in the months leading up to the holidays. As online shopping continues to outdo in-person shopping, the numbers of packages get delivered—and the numbers of delivery men and women increase.

However, most delivery people don’t get their fair share of thanks. In fact, most people get their package and are more inclined to thank the company for making whatever the product they ordered was. But the person who drives the truck all day and night and has to continuously drop packages on people’s doorstep rarely gets rewarded.

Well, until one woman came up with a brilliant idea. Kathy Ouma knew that after she bought most of her holiday gifts online that she’d be getting numerous packages—and that numerous delivery people would be going the extra mile to get them to her.

Ouma decided to go the extra mile herself and get a few drinks and snacks to leave out for any of the people leaving packages on her doorsteps to take with them—and make their day a little brighter.

“UPS, USPS, AMAZON, FEDEX,” she wrote in bright red letters on a piece of laminated paper she left outside. “Please take some goodbyes to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.” Along with the note, she left an array of snacks such as waters, sodas, Oreos, cookies and granola bars.

One delivery man stopped by to drop an Amazon package, and his reaction to the basket of goodies has gone viral—for the best reason. After noticing the basket and realizing he could take some home, he grabbed a few of his favorites and danced off in a happy jig. It’ll seriously make your day—and make you want to leave a basket out too!

Check out the cute reaction of this delivery man in the video below.

How sweet was this man’s reaction—and this lady’s idea to treat the delivery people?