Billie Eilish Shuts Down Body Shamers and Begs People to ‘Normalize Real Bodies’

Billie Eilish knows that you can’t be known for just what you’re talented at. You can’t just be a singer and a songwriter. When you’re in the public eye, your entire life is there to be admired and looked up to or judged and criticized. Often it’s both.

Besides her music, one thing that Eilish is known for is her look. She usually wears extremely baggy clothes that leave everything to the imagination. While she completely rocks the look, some people criticize her style.

As Eilish told Dazed magazine back in April after she posted pictures of herself in a bikini, “I can’t win. I cannot win.” According to Eilish, body shamers had attacked her pictures saying things like, “I don’t like her anymore because as soon as she turns 18 she’s a whore.” So, she’s attached when she’s in baggy clothes. She’s attached when she’s in a bikini. What’s a girl to do?


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How about a picture that looks a little bit more normal? No, that won’t fly either. Pictures of Eilish out and about without covering up in her baggy clothes surfaced recently, and many people are attacking those photos too. 

In the photos, Eilish is wearing a fitted tank top and a pretty comfy looking pair of shorts. While some fans think she looks great, others have left negative comments comparing her 18-year-old body to that of a 30-something wine-drinking mom. (Um, and what’s wrong with that?)


In response to the negative comments, Eilish kept it classy. She shared a video of influencer Chizi Duru on her Instagram Story. The message in the video is clear and will hopefully get through to the body shamers.

In the video Duru says, “Not everybody has a wagon behind them, okay? Guts are normal. They’re normal. Boobs sag….especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn’t real!”

Preach! This is all truth. Props to Eilish for not letting the body shamers get the best of her.