We have to admit, we’re a sucker for a good makeover, especially for people who deserve something good in their life. When you go through hardships, it can be easy to give up on your appearance.

You might think you’re not worthy of looking beautiful, or maybe you just forgot how to make yourself presentable. But with a little help from the experts (and some new clothes, and hair and makeup products) you can feel like a brand new person.

Let us recap on a few of our favorite well-deserved makeovers: We’ve seen Vicki get a stunning transformation after enduring a difficult divorce from her husband of 44 years. We’ve seen Phoebe take years off her life with a makeover after she lost her son to pancreatic cancer. Now, meet Belita Edwards.

Belita is a U.S. army vet. But when she was in army, she never actually had to care about her appearance—she had much bigger fish to fry than what kind of kind of hair products she styled her hair with or makeup she put on her face. And that’s totally fair.

But these days, Belita looks in the mirror and finds herself desperate for a new look. Her appearance—most notably, her straw-like locks—was really starting to make her feel self-conscious and bring down her self-esteem, but she wasn’t sure how to make herself look the way she wanted to.

A project called “Makeovers That Matter,” which specifically helps female veterans who might have taken care of everyone else—but who may have lost track of their own self worth., contacted Belita to help her out with a new look.

“While all those who serve in the military face a myriad of challenges upon returning home I believe the brave women who have served in all branches of the service face very special challenges that are not necessarily addressed within the current structure of veteran services,” says owner of Makeovers That Matter, Michael John (MJ) Derricott. “This is why I founded the organization called ‘Makeovers That Matter’ specifically geared to focus on the needs of women who have served our nation.”

Belita was the perfect person to get a makeover from Makeovers That Matter, and she was thrilled to be able to put her trust into experts who know everything there is to know about hair and makeup.

Post makeover, Belita now looks stunning—and just like she always wanted to. It was just what she needed to regain her confidence and feel like herself again.

“I don’t recognize myself,” she said, stunned, after she came face-to-face with her own reflection in the mirror.

You won’t either! The “after” on Belita is truly jaw-dropping—she looks like an entirely new woman. To hear her story and she what she looks like after her makeover, check out the video below!

What do you think of Belita’s makeover? Can you believe how amazing she looks? This is one well-deserved makeover and we’re so glad Belita got her groove back!