Most people would agree that bread is already pretty beautiful, especially if you’re a carb lover. A crispy crust, a fluffy center—no matter how you make it, bread is one of those foods that’s hard to mess up in terms of taste.

But what if you’re going for taste and beauty? Sometimes, how your bread looks is just as important as how it tastes.

Not sure what we mean? You will in a moment. There’s bread—and then there’s bread that are literal works of art. Take a look at some of these beautiful loaves of bread, and try not to be mesmerized.

  1. Almond Braided Bread

    Eat if for breakfast, enjoy it for dessert or make it a snack—no matter when you eat it, these delicious almond braids not only please the palate but please the eye.

  2. Veggie Bread

    Who knew vegetables on top of bread could be so pleasing to the eye? The baker who makes these veggie breads is for sure some kind of artist.

  3. Apple Fritter Bread

    The great taste of apple fritters in a bread.This treat combines apple fritters and a cinnamon loaf for a bread that has all the best tastes of fall.

  4. Pepperoni Bread

    This amazing pepperoni bread mimics the flavors of pizza and looks like a work of art.

  5. Star Bread

    Both intricately designed and delicious—and yet, somehow, this innovative star bread isn’t too difficult to whip up.

  6. Cream Cheese-Filled Banana Bread

    Cream-Cheese-Filled Banana Bread hero shotTipHero

    This easy banana bread recipe has a layer of cream cheese filling baked right in. It’s like cheesecake for breakfast, and aesthetically pleasing to boost.

  7. Pull-Apart Bread Tree

    This toasted sesame “tree of life” is so beautiful you might forget it’s just a big pull-apart breadstick!

  8. Veggie Focaccia

    Focaccia, but make it fashion.

  9. Purple Sweet Potato Buns

    Ultra fluffy. Ultra delicious. Ultra stunning.

  10. Cloud Bread


    It’s low carb. It’s easy to make. And it’s freaking gorgeous.

  11. Boule

    French for “ball,” Boule is a traditional French bread shaped somewhat like a ball. This one just happens to have a gorgeous snowflake design that’s perfect for winter mornings.

  12. Taco Pizza Bread

    Taco Pizza Bread hero shotTipHero

    This taco pizza bread recipe is everything you love about both of your favorite foods, united into one awesome(ly) easy to pull off a hybrid. Plus, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

  13. Sourdough

    When an artist gets their hands on a sourdough starter, the result is something unimaginable.

How beautiful are some of these breads? Have you ever thought of bread as art before? Will you be attempting to make any of these aesthetically pleasing bread recipes?