Allow us to be honest for a second. We do not like cleaning. What we do like is living in a clean home. Cleaning can be rewarding, but we don’t exactly consider it a fun activity. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for ways to make cleaning easier.

One of our least favorite places to clean is the bathroom. Bathrooms can get pretty gross when they’re not cleaned often enough, or when you’re potty training your kids. Knowing tips to make the cleaning process easy is essential.

We’ve learned and shared a lot of ways to clean even the most difficult to clean places in your bathroom. For example, you can remove that stubborn ring in the toilet bowl with sandpaper, and you can remove hard water stains from your faucet with white vinegar.

Many bathrooms have a lot of tile that needs to be cleaned, and knowing how to clean tile and grout is important. We’ve shared multiple ways to get your tile and grout looking great, but unfortunately, like everything else in our home, it needs to be cleaned again sooner than we would like.

If you have a lot of tile and grout in your bathroom, what we’re about to share with you might just be life-changing. We don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but we have learned a super easy way to keep grout clean for a long time. That means you that once you get it clean, you can check “cleaning the grout” off your to-do list and leave it checked off.

All you need to keep you grout looking clean for a long time is a candle. We know. It’s hard to imagine at first how something we usually use to create a relaxing ambiance could help us avoid cleaning the grout, but it’s true. Watch the video below to see this candle trick for yourself.

The next time you clean the grout in your bathroom, we suggest adding a step at the end of the cleaning process. Rub a candle on the grout so that the candle’s wax can protect the grout from getting stained and growing mold.

Obviously, you would want to use a white candle for this grout trick. If you rub a pretty scented candle in your favorite color on your grout, it may protect it from growing mold, but your grout would not look white.

How often do you usually clean the grout in your bathroom? Are you going to try this candle trick?