When a product is called “baby wipes,” it’s easy to believe that this product is just for babies. Not true. Baby wipes actually have many, many uses, and most parents have probably found at least a few ways to use them besides diaper changing time.

One way that you can use baby wipes is particularly useful during our current situation where it’s hard to find sanitizing wipes in stores. That’s right. You can actually turn baby wipes into hand sanitizing wipes! 

While hand sanitizer is not a substitute for washing your hands, it is better than nothing, and a baby wipes package is easy to take with you pretty much anywhere you go (not that you’re going anywhere right now).

Wondering how you can transform baby wipes into wipes that actually sanitize? All you have to do is add one ingredient – rubbing alcohol! Grab a funnel and some rubbing alcohol, and you’re all set. Watch the video below to see how easy this DIY really is. Plus, you’ll learn many other ways to use baby wipes in your home.

Did you know there were so many uses for baby wipes? One viewer did. She wrote, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years!!…Started doing this after my 1st baby…my husband gets angry cause I use them all over the house and to clean after our Dog…and our furniture…lol.” We’re not sure why her husband gets angry. It sounds like she has found an effective way to clean the house.

Another viewer who is also a fan of baby wipes commented with another effective way to use them. “I use baby wipes for everything too! Love the rubbing alcohol hack! That’s a new one for me. My fave use is to rub the inside of a used candle jar. One wipe gets all the smoke residue off and it’s as pretty as new!”

There are many comments on this video saying how baby wipes are in short supply, and that those available should be left for parents with young children to use as, uh, you know, baby wipes. If baby wipes are in short supply in your area, this is good advice to follow; however, if there is not a shortage of wipes or if you happen to have some extra packages at home, the rubbing alcohol trick is easy and effective.

Have you ever thought about using baby wipes for cleaning or sanitizing? Are you going to try using them in some new ways?